Read This Before You Buy Health Insurance

By Dan Caplinger Published May 21, 2016 Markets Dealing with insurance is always complicated, and health insurance in particular can be almost incomprehensible for the average person. Yet whether you get health insurance coverage through your employer, an independent insurance provider, an Obamacare exchange, or a public program like Medicare Advantage, you need to be aware of the impact … Read More

All The Free Health Care You Can Get Without Using A Deductible

~ From LifeHacker – Vitals – Beth Skwarecki ~ If you’re putting off a checkup or a tetanus booster because you think you’d have to pay a ton for it, we have good news. Even if you haven’t met your deductible, you still don’t have to pay a cent for most common types of preventive care. Deductibles Don’t Work the … Read More

Covered California Offers To Help Consumers ‘Cross the Finish Line’ As Interest Surges Prior To the Final Weekend of Open Enrollment

Consumers Must Begin the Application Process by Midnight Sunday and Complete Enrollment by Saturday, Feb. 6 SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Due to a last-minute rush for health coverage, Covered California announced Friday that it would keep the doors open for consumers who start the application process but are unable to complete their enrollment by this Sunday. The announcement follows a surge … Read More

Over Half of Employers Could Trigger Health Plan Excise Tax

Nearly 60% of employers and other health plan sponsors say they will — unless they make changes — trigger the health care reform law excise tax on costly plans, according to a new survey. Under that Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provision, which a growing number of lawmakers want to repeal, a 40% excise tax will be imposed, starting … Read More

Anthem to buy Cigna for $54B in Mega Insurance Merger

  USA TODAY Big health insurers merging: What it means for you “We are very pleased to announce an agreement that will deliver meaningful value to consumers and shareholders through expanded provider collaboration, enhanced affordability and cost of care management capabilities, and superior innovations that deliver a high quality health care experience for consumers,” Swedish said in a statement. “We … Read More