Navigating 101(j) – An Ounce Of Prevention Can Avoid A Ton Of Liability

via: -by Ron Bielefelt I was very annoyed.  It was the first application that I took for a key-person life insurance policy after August 18, 2006.  The underwriter kicked the application back because the insured-employee did not sign the “Notice and Consent” form, acknowledging that the employer was both the owner and beneficiary of the policy. When I suggested to the underwriter … Read More

State-by-State Estimates of Changes in Federal Spending on Health Care Under the Graham-Cassidy Bill

A new health care bill recently introduced by a number of senators led by Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy would repeal major elements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), make changes to other ACA provisions, fundamentally alter federal Medicaid financing, and reduce federal spending for health coverage. Key provisions of the Graham-Cassidy proposal would: Repeal the ACA Medicaid expansion and individual … Read More

Group Health Plans On The Table As Congress Undertakes Tax Reform

~ from ( Will the tax exclusions on employer-provided health insurance be used to pay for tax cuts? Next week, the White House is expected to release the first details on what tax reform will look like and how it will be paid for. Lawmakers are reportedly targeting several exemptions in the existing tax code to offset lower individual and corporate tax rates. … Read More

Doctors Warm To Single-Payer Health Care

via CaliforniaHealthLine ( ) Single-payer health care is still a controversial idea in the U.S., but a majority of physicians are moving to support it, a new survey finds. Fifty-six percent of doctors registered either strong support or were somewhat supportive of a single-payer health system, according to the survey by Merritt Hawkins, a physician recruitment firm. In its 2008 survey, opinions ran … Read More

End-Of-Life Advice: More Than 500,000 Chat On Medicare’s Dime

from: ( ) The 90-year-old woman in the San Diego-area nursing home was quite clear, said Dr. Karl Steinberg. She didn’t want aggressive measures to prolong her life. If her heart stopped, she didn’t want CPR. But when Steinberg, a palliative care physician, relayed those wishes to the woman’s daughter, the younger woman would have none of it. “She … Read More

Voluntary benefits: 5 ways companies can educate employees

via: ( )  by: Sharla St. Rose Over the past several years, employers and insurance providers have transitioned from paper-based enrollment processes to digital platforms. The benefits are abundant: a higher level of personalization; easier and more timely access to benefits; and a more streamlined, efficient and controllable process. You get it. Yet along the way, we started … Read More

Covered California Releases Three New Reports to Inform Federal Health Policy Decision-Making

via Covered California @ Potential Destabilizing Effect on Markets and Inadequacy of Stabilization Funding in Senate Proposals Highlighted Analysis finds the updated “Better Care Reconciliation Act” (BCRA) could cause collapse of individual markets within three to five years (especially if the Consumer Freedom Option is included). Health insurance under the BCRA would cost consumers much more and cover far less. … Read More

Better Care Reconciliation Act

For those of you looking to read the text of the newest Senate Republican bill here it is: BetterCareReconcilistionAct.6.26.17


  Cigna has notified California regulators that Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company will not offer or renew Cigna LocalPlusIN (EPO), California LocalPlus (PPO), or California LocalPlusIN (EPO) medical plans in California in 2018.   Cigna’s decision was based on “where they can provide customers with access to the right combination of affordability, quality, and overall value”