Fed Paid COBRA Until 09/2021 (a quick take)

You DO Qualify if:

o   COBRA qualifying event involves termination of employment.

o   COBRA qualifying event involves reduction in hours worked.

·   You DO NOT qualify if:

o   Quit voluntarily.

o   Resulted from death or divorce from covered employee.

o   Covered employee became entitled to Medicare.

o   Loss of dependent child status, et. al.  

·   Eligibility

·   Normally eligible for 60 days from qualifying event

·   Under the COVID national emergency eligibility is the earlier of:

o   One year from the date the person’s election period would otherwise have ended.

o   60 days after the announced end of the COVID emergency

·   This rule applies to the election of COBRA rising from ALL qualifying events.

·   COBRA premium subsidies are not counted as income to the individual and will not affect a person’s tax liability or eligibility for other income-related benefits.·   Just being eligible for COBRA does not affect a person’s eligibility for marketplace (Covered California) subsidies or Medi-CAL. Those who have a choice will want to weigh plan premiums, deductibles, cost-sharing, and differences in provider networks and plan features to make an informed choice with the options they have. Generally, once someone enrolls in COBRA they will not have the opportunity to enroll in a marketplace plan until the earlier of the next open enrollment period or the date when COBRA is exhausted.