Personal Disability Insurance

Myth # 1

Social Security will cover me if I become disabled


Social Security only pays benefits to those with total disability, which is defined very strictly. It does not cover partial or short-term disabilities.

Myth # 2

I’m not going to be disabled. I work in an office!


Seventy-five percent of disability is caused by illness rather than injury, and statistics show that one-third of individuals between the age of 30 and 64 are disabled at least once in their lifetimes. Ask the question, can you afford to go without a paycheck for six months or more?

Myth # 3

Disability insurance is too expensive


By looking at the value received compared to the cost, disability insurance is actually less expensive than auto or homeowners insurance. For just a few dollars a day, a person can insure millions in tax-free income. There’s truly no better deal.

Myth # 4

I’m probably uninsurable


Very few people are uninsurable. Carriers offer plans for medically-impaired individuals, those who work in
high-risk occupations and even for those with high-risk hobbies

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